Lots and Lots of Thank Yous!

Hi, I’m Gale Swinford. I do the food booth for 4-H and ASGBA. I have four very special people I would like to thank for helping me with the food booth this weekend. I had my own sweet girls to show this time and these wonderful people made it possible for me to do both!
I want to give a huge thank you to Joseph Coleman for helping me out all day Saturday. I know its a lot of work and I really appreciate it! You are a trooper!
I also want to thank Carl Burns for helping out all weekend. I couldn’t have done it without him this year.
My next helper was Kayla Lonchar. Thank you for helping when you got a chance between helping others show and showing your own goats. Thank you tons!
Also, to my surprise helper on Sunday, Bobbie Roth. It was nice seeing her and I really appreciated all her help.
Thanks again, everyone, for all your help. Gale

Food Booth Donations:
Burns Family—Ice, lots of ice, power strip, microwave, yummy goat meat, water and for everything else
Wanda—$40 donation
Bev—Beverages and snacks for the judges
Swinford Family—soda, ice, macaroni salad, pork, lemonade and ice tea.

Hi, Bev Lonchar here. This newsletter is going to get pretty mushy so please bare with all of us who are thanking all of you for your help with our show.
First, thank you to the Murphree family for putting in the miles to drum up donations for prizes and running the jewelry bar. Donations from Tractor Supply, Chandler and Ace Hardware, Chandler. We had many folks donate cash, some a little and some a lot. Friends of ASGBA: Mary Martin, Glenna Van Horn, Judy Sesler, Betty Henning, Annabelle Pattison, Charlotte Gemigniani, Scott Murray, Kristine Calleros, Denise Thomas, Cha Cha Tabor, Sharon Warren, Diane & Richard Clark, Hailie George, Debbie Emholtz, Cournoyer family.
Former member, Judy Sesler, who continues to help support our show, donated the Shopper’s Director Chairs for Showmanship. Mary Martin sponsored the director’s chairs for Best Sr. Doe in Show. Betty Henning sponsored the stainless steel pails for Best of Breed.

Please remember to thank these folks the next time you see them for their generosity.
Secondly, I want to thank my hardworking show crew. Our pen setup crew; Wanda, Eva, the entire Cournoyer family, Jen and Beth Murphree, Scott and Augie Murray, Nikolai Morales, Bev and Kayla, Carl, Jim Williams. The show can’t go on without secretaries and ring stewards: June Johnson, Tracy Corbin, Karen Coleman, Gordy Emholtz, Scott Murray and our rookie in training, Jennifer Murphree. And, thank you Kayla Lonchar for helping with the prizes.
The really exciting news is we had four does finish at our show: Carousel’s Cornflower, owned and bred by Mary Martin; Carousel’s Snow White, owned and bred by Mary Martin; Desertnanny BR Lonicera, owned and bred by Sharon Warren; M’s Sagebrush Magic Serina, owned by Kristan Swinford and bred by Marshall Losey. Hope I didn’t miss anyone else that finished. Please let me know. CONGRATULATIONS to all!!!

Wanda, you’re next!
Raffle table proceeds were $1,918.50!!! I would like to thank Cal Griggs, June, Cha Cha & Rachel, Cal & Denise, Murphree family and Cori Coleman who helped set up and run the raffle table. I could not have done it alone. The donations from the businesses and individuals along with the buyers are what made our raffle table so successful.
Donations—I know there are some I did not see who brought items, sorry, I don’t have your name(s) but thank you. Special thanks to the members who requested donations from businesses and brought them to the show. Thank you, also, for delivering the framed certificates of appreciation to those businesses. I mailed 10 certificates to the remaining catalog businesses and magazines.

Members/Sponsors who donated: Carl & Beth Burns, Corbin Family, Mary Martin, Daniel Mercer, June Johnson, Ron & Tabatha Evans, Eva, Wanda, Annabelle Pattison, Debbie Emholtz, Murphree Family, Glenna Van Horn, Royal Whitehead, Bobbie Roth, Gale Swinford.
The following businesses donated raffle items and/or prizes for the Boer show:
Ace Hardware, Chandler Arizona Livestock Auction, Buckeye Bales Hay Sales, Buckeye Cal’s Ranch, Buckeye Crow’s Dairy, Buckeye Caprine Supply, DeSoto, KS Desert Chemicals, Buckeye Hamby Dairy Supply, Marysville, MO Helenna Chemicals, Buckeye Jeffers Supply, Dothan, AL New England Cheese Making, S. Deerfield, MO PamLan Pig Farm, Litchfield Pet Club, Laveen Sacate Hay Mill, Laveen Santa Maria Coop, Phoenix Shadow Mountain Dairy, Litchfield Shoppers, Chandler Sydell, Burbank, SD Tractor Supply, Buckeye Tractor Supply, Cave Creek Tractor Supply, Tolleson Tractor Supply, Wickenburg Countryside & Small Stock, Medford, WI Dairy Goat Journal, Medford, WI Meat Goat Monthly, San Antonio, TX Ranch & Rural Living, San Antonio, TX
Please repay these businesses by shopping at their stores or subscribing to their magazines. And, remember to let them know you are a member of ASGBA and thank them for their donations.

Cash donations were received from the following: Arizona Livestock Auction, Teri Brogdon, Carl & Beth Burns, Shaun Darr, Claudia Dutil, Cal & Shawn Griggs, Holdridge family, James family, Jose Jimenez, Alyssa Kellogg, Leighton Family, Debby Root, Heather Scott, Jeff & Diane Smith, Thompson family, Marion & Judy Welden, James Williams. Thank you so much for your generous donations! I was able to purchase prizes and apply the balance to show expenses.
Boer awards provided by: Eva, Wanda, Pet Club—Laveen, Hamby Dairy Supply, Jeffers, Tractor Supply—Laveen, Cal’s Ranch—Buckeye, Santa Maria Coop, Countryside Magazine, Meat Goat Monthly, Rand & Rural Living.
I want to say a big THANK YOU to ALL who helped with this show. It is a combined effort with the entries, donations and buyers. We couldn’t do it without all who donate their time as chairmen, show secretaries, ring stewards, raffle table helpers and food booth.

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